Tips for Realistic in 8-Foot Indoor Faux Trees

Artificial trees have become a popular choice for interior decorating because of the low maintenance and long-lasting beauty.   However, achieving a realistic look can be an art, do you know how to make a fake tree look realistic?

1. Choose realistic foliage

Choose a material made of high-grade silk, which is extremely realistic and soft to the touch. REALEAD Artificial Tree Branches are known for their excellent detailing and are an excellent starting point. These branches are designed with wire inside to keep them firm, while cement is added to the bottom to ensure a more stable and realistic look. When choosing a variety, pick one that matches the aesthetics of your interior space to ensure the best visual effect.

2. Natural branch arrangement

Shape the simulated nature as you go when creating your artificial branches to mimic the natural way real trees grow. By varying the angle, height and spacing to create a more organic and convincing look, REALEAD branches are designed to be flexible, allowing you to easily customize their arrangement to your personal preference, bringing them closer to your ideal look.

3. Seasonal Adaptation

Nature changes with the seasons, and so can your artificial tree. Consider adding seasonal decorations or subtle modifications to reflect different times of the year. The versatile design of the REALEAD branch makes it extremely adaptable, easily responding to spring, summer, fall, and winter décor needs, so your decorative tree will always have a fresh, new look. 

4. Keep clean and tidy

Regular cleaning is vital to keep your artificial tree looking authentic. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate and detract from the appearance. Use a gentle brush or damp cloth to clean your REALEAD faux tree branches to ensure they stay vibrant and true to life. 


Overall, creating a realistic and decorative artificial tree requires a combination of material selection, sensible branching arrangements, clever lighting techniques and thoughtful maintenance.  With REALEAD's high-quality artificial tree branches, realizing realistic and visually stunning interior landscapes is within your reach.Explore our Artificial Tree collection to unlock more ideas and inspiration! Click here to start your artificial plant journey and revitalize your space!

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