How to Make Your Olive Tree More Realistic with 5 Tips

Looking to create a natural and cozy atmosphere at home? An artificial olive tree is an ideal choice, but how can you make it look even more realistic?  we'll share five practical decorating tips to help your faux olive tree become more lifelike and captivating.

Natural and Fluffy Tree Shape

Upon freeing your artificial tree from its packaging – where it was securely bound for safe transport – resist the urge to place it in a corner right away. Just like decorating a Christmas tree, gently extend and arrange the branches to ensure a natural and fluffy shape. This meticulous handling will bring the faux olive tree to life.

olive tree

Create a Natural Appearance

The distinctive feature of an olive tree lies in its unique branches and leaves. Our branches have undergone multiple tests, allowing you to easily adjust them. Take some time to carefully arrange the branches, mimicking the natural growth pattern of an olive tree. Let some branches remain straight, while allowing others to have a natural curl. This staggered layout aligns more with how olive trees grow in nature, making your tree look more authentic.

Fill Gaps for Enhanced Stability

Use plastic bags to fill the gaps at the bottom of the pot or basket, ensuring that the olive tree stands sturdily. By layering the bags and leaving space for placing cardboard and moss, you can create a more stable decorative effect. Prepare sturdy plastic bags, ideally using robust shopping bags or trash bags. Stack these bags at the bottom of the pot, filling the gaps. This adjustment allows you to customize the height of the faux olive tree in the pot, making its position more stable.

olive tree braches

Moss, Cardboard, and Artistic Integration

Purchase enough Spanish moss in your preferred color to cover the top. Cut a piece of cardboard and make a slit or hole based on the thickness of the branches. Place the cardboard on top, cover it with moss, and create a natural bottom effect. This artistic step not only provides additional support for the artificial olive tree but also adds a unique artistic element.

Clever Lighting Decor

After completing the previous steps, enhance the charm of your fake olive tree at night by cleverly using string lights or other decorations on the branches. Choose suitable string lights in soft white or warm yellow tones, considering the green leaves of the olive tree. String them on different heights to create a layered lighting effect. This design not only makes the faux olive tree more eye-catching at night but also adds a warm and unique ambiance to your overall decor.

In the world of olive trees, decoration is an art, and these five tips are your inspiration to break the norm and create the beauty of your own REALEAD faux olive tree. Visit REALEAD for more fantastic decorations to make your artificial olive tree even more realistic!

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