How to choose the size of Faux Olive Trees?

Many people choose olive trees as the highlight of their home decoration. Choosing the right size faux olive tree is a critical step. Different scenes require different sizes for best results. As professional home designers, we will take you to explore how to enhance your home in various scenarios.
1. Living room: natural height and life
The living room is the center of family gatherings and a place to showcase your unique style. In this space, choosing a 7-8 foot tall olive tree is perfect. This height will add a vertical feel to the room and make the ceiling appear higher. The tree's animated and realistic appearance will make a great addition to your living room without having to worry about maintenance.
2. Restaurant: European pastoral style warmth
The restaurant is a place for good food and family gatherings. Placing a 5-6 foot tall olive tree next to the dining table can add a European pastoral style atmosphere to the meal.
3. Bedroom: A sense of natural tranquility
The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, and choosing a 4-5 foot tall olive tree will bring a sense of tranquility to the bedroom. Placing an olive tree next to your bed or on your windowsill can add indoor greenery while bringing fresh air into your sleeping environment without requiring extra maintenance.
4. Entrance lobby: a grand welcome
The entry foyer is the first highlight of a home, and choosing an 8 foot tall artificial olive tree can provide a grand welcome to your guests. Placing an olive tree at the entrance not only welcomes guests but also adds a sense of luxury to the home. Choose the right containers and decorative elements in your lobby to enhance the beauty of your olive trees.

Different scenes require different sizes of artificial olive tree to achieve the best results. Whatever the style of your home, the right size olive tree can be a key element of your interior design, and the right size Faux Olive Tree you can choose from this store will add charm to your home.

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