Eternal New Year's Gift of Artificial Tree

As the New Year approaches, a realistic and never-fading artificial olive or fig tree may be the perfect New Year's gift for your friends and family. Let's take a closer look at why REALEAD faux tree will make the most meaningful gifts this New Year.

Why choose artificial olive and fig trees?

1. Realistic and never-fading beauty:

In this New Year season full of vigor and hope, why not give a gift of artificial olive tree or fig tree that can keep its fragrance forever? Compared to real trees, these artificial plants not only look like real trees in appearance, but also remain green and vibrant forever. Unrestricted by seasons and light, and with no need to worry about the foliage fading, this is a gift of lasting vitality and beauty.

2. Various sizes to fit every space:

Whether your home is a spacious villa or a cozy apartment, our 5-8 ft olive and fig trees will fit in perfectly. The large 8 ft tree gives more tension to the space and is suitable for placement in the living room or porch, bringing a stunning holiday atmosphere to the home. The compact 5-foot size, on the other hand, is suitable for smaller apartments and can easily be placed in the living room, next to a bed or in a corner and still add color to the home.

7ft olive tree

3. A grandiose gift choice:

Artificial olive and fig trees make a beautiful and meaningful gift for loved ones, friends or coworkers. The olive tree symbolizes peace and prosperity, while the fig tree represents bounty and abundance. These trees have a profound meaning and are a beautiful wish for the happiness and success of the other person. Delivering this blessing directly to the other person's doorstep is not only convenient, but also warms their heart, making your care instantly tangible in the New Year!

How to choose the right size and location?

1. Large homes:

For those friends and family with spacious homes, we recommend an 8-foot olive or fig tree. This large size is not only tall and upright, but also brings a unique sense of luxury to a large space. Placed in the living room or on the porch, it seems to inject a breath of fresh air into the entire home.

8ft olive tree

2. Small apartment:

For those of you who live in small apartments, we have the right size for you too. Starting from 5 feet, these compact plants can not only be easily placed in the living room, bedside or corner, but also inject a fresh atmosphere into the limited space. Compact size, yet full of life.

6ft olive tree

With the New Year just around the corner, choose a realistic artificial olive tree or fig tree for a unique and meaningful gift. Let this gift witness the newness of the New Year for your loved ones, and may their lives be filled with warmth and laughter. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year, filled with happiness at all times!

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