Artificial Tree Ideas from 3 Influencers to Bring You Inspiration

In every corner of a home, a unique form of art hides—a story woven by faux tree. Today, we unveil the decorating secrets of three influencers, presented through photos, bringing you an inspirational feast. This is not just a hymn to beauty but a home journey celebrating personality, creativity, and unique taste.

Jaymi - Tranquil and Dignified New England Saltbox Style

Jaymi @ourmainesaltbox has garnered widespread attention with her unique design residing in a New England Saltbox Style Home. In her home, a tall 8-foot Artificial Olive Tree stands out as a unique focal point. Placed cleverly in a corner, this olive tree not only injects a stable atmosphere into the living space but also harmonizes visually with the surrounding windows and dining table.

8ft olive tree


This realistic faux tree, resembling a witness to history, imparts a sense of tranquility and dignity to the entire space. Its delicate trunk and leaves appear particularly coordinated against the backdrop of the New England Saltbox Style Home. Whether bathed in the morning light or the twilight glow, this olive tree radiates the beauty of the ages in a unique way.

8ft olive tree8ft olive tree

Jaymi, with her unique vision, successfully integrates the Artificial Olive Tree into home design, showcasing its outstanding performance in traditional American style. This is not just a decoration; it's a tribute to the beauty of nature, injecting artistic inspiration into the living space.

Evonne - Olive Tree Elegance in Neutral Retro Style

In Evonne's @homeonvillage neutral retro home, a 7-foot Artificial Olive Tree becomes a unique embellishment. Carefully placed between a black cabinet and a beige single sofa, the olive tree seems to emerge naturally from the interior. The design of this corner brings tranquility in neutral tones, and the olive tree's green contrasts vividly with the black and beige surroundings.

7ft olive tree

The casual arrangement of the sofa corner, with blankets and pillows casually scattered, creates an atmosphere of free and easy comfort. The presence of the olive tree adds a touch of natural vitality to this corner, as if leading the indoors to an outdoor serene courtyard.

The view beyond the beige curtains, a grayish-mist outdoor scene, forms a charming contrast with the indoor environment. Through the curtains, the courtyard, filled with fallen leaves in the autumn breeze, weaves together with the indoor olive tree to create a serene yet vibrant scene.

7ft olive tree7ft olive tree

Evonne, by integrating the Artificial Olive Tree into this neutral retro corner, not only brings a fresh and natural atmosphere to the interior but also showcases a modern creative inspiration within retro aesthetics. This is no longer just a simple home decoration; it's a unique interpretation of color, nature, and lifestyle attitude.

Erin - Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Modernized Medieval Ranch Style

Erin @sparrowcollectiveco has crafted a simple yet warm living room in a modernized medieval ranch style. Two natural wooden and soft leather sofas, a corner-placed unique table, and a black decorative cabinet on the wall create the core elements of this space. However, one of the most eye-catching elements is the clever placement of an 7ft Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree behind the left-side stool.
7ft fig tree

The artificial fiddle leaf fig tree is not just a decoration but an injection of life and artistic ambiance into the entire space. Its large green leaves stand out prominently in the modernized medieval ranch environment, resembling a natural painting. The tree's placement allows for a clever spatial dialogue with the sofa, table, and cabinet, breaking the tranquil atmosphere and injecting a modern and creative element into the entire living room.

7ft fig tree

In this scene, people sitting on the sofa feel close to nature, as if finding a peaceful ranch in the city center. Erin, through this unique decoration, successfully adds a vivid artistic inspiration to the home, making the entire space more charming.

This is a journey through three different home styles, each influencer showcasing the creative beauty of Artificial Trees. From the tranquility of New England to the elegance of neutral retro and the modernized medieval ranch, each home decor is a unique interpretation of art and individuality. Check out REALEAD Artificial Trees to find a constant stream of inspiration to transform your home into a picturesque work of art.

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